Passion and Practice

I found myself on about the 10th row in the center of dance mom central last week. My daughter has taken up and, believe it or not, quite good at dance. I’m only saying that because I can’t dance to save my life but she seems to love it. We’ve traveled a good bit over the last 6 months to these 3-day regional competitions that cost more money than I would like to admit but she is very passionate about the art. These 4-10 year old girls have been teaching me a valuable lesson as I watch each show and this last one it really sunk in.

At their age they don’t have many distractions but are old enough to have passion for something they love. Combine these together and this equals your purpose. Now I’m not saying that my daughters purpose in life is to dance but in the season she is in right now after getting her school work, chores, etc. done, she is focused on dance and they are winning every competition they enter. Remember these are very young kids who still look in the closet before going to bed but when they hit the stage they carry and present themselves with confidence that most adults can’t muster.

The second lesson after finding your passion is practice. My daughter doesn’t miss practice and she has it most Saturday and Sunday afternoons that you would think this would interfere with playtime.   I’ve never heard her complain about her practice and in fact I’ve heard her say she looks forward to it. This is part of the process to getting better and I’ve learned that you must enjoy and look forward to the process of practicing as much as the payoff of being on stage to be a champion at what you do.

Three things to remember.

  1. Find your passion.
  2. Remove distractions that don’t bring value.
  3. Enjoy the process of getting better and practicing your craft.

Stay focused and I look forward to seeing you on the other side of your success barrier.


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