Seasons, Change, and Anchors

We have just entered into one of my two favorite times of the year. The cool sunny morning and the day warms up to mid 70’s and the clocks changing forward to give longer days to get outside and spend time with the family and enjoy hobbies. I love fall too after a long summer of hot days and a busy travel schedule when the kids are out of school. It’s funny how our minds and bodies seem to be on this 6-month cycle of change and we always look forward to the next season but we seem to get stuck in a rut or avoid change in our businesses.

As I travel and meet with business owners (particularly insurance agency owners) I see this is a huge bottleneck effecting growth and profits. To me business was not always easy as I started as an entrepreneur at a young age and made a lot of mistakes along the way. At some point the light went off and I started looking at my business in a different way and it changed everything.

There are several points to this that I will address down the road but being able to accept and enjoy change is a mindset shift you must master. You need to have clear goals and know where you want to go but if you cannot deal with change in a positive manner then that vision will eventually get out of sight and then you will be wondering around the desert with no line of direction.

I’m not advocating erratic emotional change but if you know your numbers and have a list of core values this will anchor you in your decision-making. Come up with your mission/value statement for your business and share it with your team. Learn what key variables are important to track, measure and discuss this with your team as well. Then as life throws you curve balls go back to your numbers and vision of your business and ask “does this match who we are and where we are going” this will be your litmus test for all decision making and will help you navigate the changing seasons of business.


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