This week I’ve been taking some time off to spend with my family in the mountains of northeast Alabama. It’s been refreshing to get out of the daily grind and spend some time with my girls (wife Brittni and daughter who just turned 8 Mallory).  As I type this I’m sitting on a large front porch of the cabin overlooking a deep valley of perfectly sectioned farmland and another ridge about the same height as we are in the distance say 50-60 miles away.  I was having a brief conversation with a buddy yesterday who was traveling to visit one of his mentors John Maxwell in Atlanta GA and he left me with a nugget as he always does and challenged me to reflect more. As I sit hear I’m hit in the face with the fact that as an entrepreneur and leader I’m waking up each day as rested and organized as possible ready to take on any challenge that faces me. The art of reflection often gets lost in my routine, as I’m sure it does yours as well but seems to be a vital part of our overall success.

I look at reflection in many different contexts and challenge you as my buddy did to me to find that place or places where you can slow things down, reflect and refocus. Reflection comes in 3 forms.

1.  Reflection on wins that seem small but as we all know “little hinges swing big doors” so journal those small wins and celebrate with your team.

2.  Reflection can be to spend more time on a lesson you learned to create muscle memory before moving onto the next one as most ultra performers do.

3.  Last and most important reflect with your family and those closest to you.

My buddy I was speaking to reminded me that we are nothing with out our spouses and those closest to us.  I am definitely nothing without my wife Brittni and daughter Mallory so remember to take those much-needed timeouts to reflect and spend time with them.  We played board games on our trip this week and personally I’m not a big fan of board games but I am a huge fan of spending uninterrupted time with my girls so I loved playing cards and games. Sometimes we need to slow down before we can speed back up..  Have the best day ever and cheers to your success.




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