The Revenue Ball

A few weeks ago I was in a meeting with the COO of our organization and one of our newest sales team members. We were discussing our second quarter strategy and he was telling the young man that just joined our company that one of his responsibilities was to keep me and our sales team focused on the “revenue ball”. I’m a very visual person and for some reason in 18 years as a business owner and entrepreneur I haven’t been able to get that image of a ball out of my mind. As I look back on that conversation I see it freeing me from a trap I think a lot of us self-starting business owners get in. Now this applies if you are a 1 man shop or CEO of a large company as you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT, take your eye off that revenue ball. Revenue is the oxygen for your company and as the owner you and you only are responsible for this role. I hear all the time how the sales team missed their numbers, or how they are not hungry or motivated. Last time I checked you hired them and probably did not have the environment, systems and processes or sales pipeline to make them successful. Now I don’t mean for this to sound like I’m picking on you but I can speak the truth because I’ve done the same very thing if this is you and probably more times that I would like to admit or can remember.

Here’s the lesson for me…

• Give yourself permission or ask a key member of your organization to make it your sole responsibility to focus on your revenue ball.

• Visualize what this looks like and take full responsibility and it will change your mindset and your tolerance for excuses will go out the door along with poor sales as your build your team to set new records and drive that oxygen we call revenue.



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