How To Create A Winning Team

smart-a-teamI love observing successful leaders as they build winning teams. Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing my cousin Jared as our weekly podcast guest. Jared has built several sales teams from the ground up and currently leads a team of 23 top producers in the logistics brokerage industry. I’ve had a front row seat watching this team come together and it has been impressive to say the least.


There are several parallels to the insurance industry with what I have observed. The team spends the day making outbound calls generating relationships from cold leads to get the opportunity to book loads of freight across the country. This is a high volume relationship game that has all the same hurdles and objections we face in the insurance industry. During my interview with Jared we discussed 2 main points that I would like to share with you.


The 2 T’s of building a winning Team…


Talent…This sounds simple but do a quick survey of your team. If you had to hire them over again would you hire 100% of your team members? If so great, but I would say that less than 5% of agency owners would make the same decision. It is critical to have top talent and then develop that talent on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The hungry are never satisfied and you must make sure that you have a winning culture and path of development to grow those who need it and then keep those who have it but are hungry for the next level.


Technology… For many years I was wrong on this and the day I started exposing my sales team to new technology and getting their feedback/buy-in the game changed for me. At the end of the day you have the final say as the agency owner but I see a huge disconnect in agencies that do not discuss this as a team. I get questions all the time on how you get your team to make more dials, more quotes, and close more deals when you are not there. My answer is always the same; you need to educate and empower your team to make decisions and actions and they need to know how those drive revenue to their pockets and provide for their families. The key is “their” pockets and not always “your” pockets. If you can tap into their “why” and show them how each activity they do will drive money to “their” pockets and how this can be tracked thru technology a breakthrough will happen. You can lead two ways…from the back or from the front and true leaders lead from the front.


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