We All Need Somebody to Lean On

Bill Withers posing for a portrait around 1973.

In this week’s podcast we discussed a question I was asked by one of our new consulting clients. I’ve been asked this question for years but for some reason this time the way it was asked hit me different. The question was, “How do I know what I need help with and how do I best utilize your services as a consultant?”

First off, this agency owner realized he needed help. More importantly, he knew there were certain core issues. Secondly, he was asking how to best align his team to attack the root issue and not waste time and money talking about what they already knew.

Below are simple steps to identify where you need assistance and how to move forward with greatness.


  1. Make a list of things that are working as well as things that are not working in your agency. Draw a line down a sheet of paper and list on the left side what is and the right what is not.
  2. Perform a test. Describe verbally, in 3 minutes or less, each item you feel is working and be able to monetize it. How is it increasing revenue, efficiency, or reducing expenses, headaches, etc.
  3. Now, anything you cannot qualify with step 2, move it to the right side of the paper and these are the items you need help on.

This exercise is key because as business leaders we have to carry the torch. As business owners, it is critical that you have someone to lean on. We all need a coach or confidant in which you can say… “I’m not getting it done in this area and I need help!” From here you own your weakness, focus on your core strengths and celebrate what you are great at. Greatness lies in all of us, but often times it is buried beneath our areas of weakness. This is where I begin to help agency owners uncover their greatness and achieve their goals.


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