Winning The Numbers Game

cash-smart-agentIn this week’s podcast, we discussed the importance of year-end planning. For over a decade, I have made it a tradition to take some time during the holidays to reflect and prepare for the upcoming year. I cannot stress the importance of quarterly planning and awareness of your numbers throughout the year as this is a time for more reflection and mental preparedness.

Throughout the week between Christmas and the New Year, I enjoy carving out a few hours – over a few days – and also not taking away from productivity. Not to mention, this provides you a little break from the in-laws and all the leftovers in the fridge.  

Below are my tips for taking time out to reflect and reset your focus on the upcoming year:

– When November rolls around, start considering the items you need to have in place as well as the processes to be incorporated by year-end. This will start your new year on the right track.

–  Make a list of these ideas and action items. As you move closer to the holidays and are overwhelmed with distractions, you are more likely to stray away from the path come January.

– Collaborate with your team and discuss these ideas and systems. Delegate the possibility of these items. This will create energy and  you will see a spike in action and productivity.

– Take time to reflect on the year and review your accomplishments. Sometimes, we do not slow down and realize nor appreciate annual progress.  

–  Pick a place where distractions are minimal and contemplate how the year will look. Visualize the future of your business and how things will look twelve months down the road. Are you going to be in the exact same place doing the exact same thing?
This exercise will force you to slow down, regain the focus and clarity you need to put on your business.  
Enjoy the holidays with your family and rest up for your best year ever!

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