Accountability – You are not running an adult day care!


I truly believe that accountability can be one of the turning points of success for your business and the lack thereof its largest killer. Over the years, I’ve built several successful agencies. In hindsight, I have had a few years that I am not the most proud of however, I have been more successful than not.

The common theme during the rough patches was the absence of accountability. I was either distracted in other areas of my life, not in good health, or I was tired and lacked focus. Even the best sports team that walks on a field or court needs a leader to hold them accountable. More importantly, they need a leader that they respect and are willing to go into battle with.


The stats speak for themselves:

  • 87% of employees are not engaged at work
  • 39% of employees have no idea what their company’s goals and objectives are
  • 47% don’t know the state of their company’s performance
  • 44% don’t understand how their role helps the company meet its goals


If you feel like you’re running an adult day care some days you are not alone. Looking back on those years I felt the same but I have good news! This is an easy fix.

I teach agency owners and their teams to all row in the same direction and once you are on the same page you will see your business take off like a rock ship!


Things to consider:

  • Do you have written job descriptions with clear roles and accountability?
  • Do you set monthly goals as a team and break them into daily activity to measure?
  • Do you have a consistent meeting schedule with talking points during the week to discuss what’s working and what’s not?


There are a lot of good books and resources out there that address this area. As an agency owner myself, I recommend drilling down and making sure you have accountability in place. Your team and bank account will thank you for it!


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