Is Price The Real Issue?

tpir_bg_blueWith the evolution of online shopping and the ability to get multiple quotes with little effort, I believe we have confused ourselves on what clients want. The truth is, clients don’t really know what they want and it’s not their fault. Just because our clients think they want the lowest price doesn’t really mean they do. Look at the direction of commercials on TV today in our industry.   Every single one of them talks about price. We have brainwashed our prospects into expecting insurance to be cheap. Name one item of value that has gotten less expensive over time or didn’t track with economic growth? Cars are more expensive, repair costs are increasing and the list goes on.

As insurance professionals it’s your job to educate your clients and know their needs to make sure they are properly covered in the event of a loss.


  1. EDUCATE: Educate yourself and your clients on the trends and direction of our industry. I’m not talking about how to overcome price objections although that is important. I’m talking about a factual conversation showing the trends of the industry over the last 10 years and their key drivers. Cars are very expensive to fix these days and last time I looked at a traffic light everyone has a device in their hands. You mix these two together and we have a situation of increased claims. Someone has to pay those mar/mars client, right? Don’t just defend your point. Use this time to educate and make it personal to show them what steps to take to keep their costs as low as possible. This is true value that is needed and will be rewarded.
  2. RELAX: I believe in training everyday and practicing your sales skills so you can actually relax when you engage the client. Be confident in your ability to deliver what you say and stand by that. Let your confidence come across to your client and assure them that you are here for them when they need you and that you will back it up with over delivery. To put this in another context “be yourself”. People love transparency so be confident in the person you are and back it up with action supported by knowledge.
  3. KNOW YOUR CLIENT: In today’s world we get lost in the business of building relationships. Learn your clients and what is important to them. The only way to do this is to ask. Seriously, ask your clients what their dreams are. Ask your clients what keeps them up at night. Ask your clients what’s in their way of achieving those dreams. Not only will this separate you from the rest of the pack but you will be able to properly discuss important coverage’s that align with those dreams. Learn your clients “why”; you will be their friend and insurance agent for a very long time.

These are very important and my recommendation is to evaluate today and set a goal to become a master in each over the next 6 months. EDUCATE yourself on trends and be able to back it up with facts, RELAX in your ability to deliver on your promises and LEARN your client’s dreams. Don’t forget to continue to train on overcoming objections. Soon enough those objections will become less of an issue as you have separated yourself from the competition.


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