The Past Can Predict The Future


As I write this today, we are 3 weeks out from the end of 2016. I was at a Christmas party a few nights ago with my wife, parents, a cousin, and her husband. As we were making small talk, we got on the subject of how fast time flies.

I asked the question, “has time always gone this fast or is it just due to the recent advancement of technology?” I often wonder if life moved this fast for my grand parents or great grandparents. Is there something we can learn from the past to make us slow down the present and stay the course to live a life of joy.

I still consider myself a young man, but every year I have to get used to the fact that Im not as young as I was the year before. The good news is that with age comes wisdom.

I was recently reading a speech given by the late Steve Jobs to a graduating class of Harvard Students. He mentioned that you have to connect the dots of your past to build your roads for the future. I love the visual of this and as a husband, father, leader and entrepreneur it’s hard to slow down to look back. If you blink it will be Christmas time again you’ve aged another year without clear vision of your future.

I would like to take Mr. Jobs’ point and add another dimension. I believe you can see into the future and these 3 points will allow you to shape yourself to make sure you are on target with both personal and professional goals.

3 Keys To Predicting Your Future

  1. Reflect and look back on where you have been. Just like footprints in the sand you leave a trail in life. Have some quiet time to look back on your year. What did you like and more importantly what caused pain or stress in your life? Give yourself the ability to retrace those steps and journal what you uncover.
  2. Ask this question: “Knowing what I know now, have my past foot steps aligned with my goal I’m working towards?” This applies in life, business, parenting, leadership, health or any area. If you had to walk back through those same steps would you be closer or further from your goals.
  3. Take 100% responsibility. After going thru the first two steps you must take full responsibility for your path and not place blame or fame on anyone other than yourself. I understand that things happen to us that can cause us to cast blame elsewhere but the moment you take full responsibility for every action or outcome you will look at life through a new filter.

This new filter will empower you to change course and better align your footprints with your goals. By doing this you will encounter less pain and stress and with high accuracy be able to have a magical crystal ball that will predict your future for success. Life may never slow down but as we grow older we understand the power of wisdom. So don’t ignore your past, let it help you create the future.



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