Welcome To 2017!

welcome-2017Welcome to 2017. I remember when I started my first company in 1996 like it was yesterday. If you had asked me to envision what the world would look like in 2017, it would have been impossible. Those 21 years seemed so far away at the time, but looking back I can remember the details perfectly. Just for fun I researched what the predictions for year 2038 are, which would be 42 years from my start and 21 years from today. Too many funny predictions to list but one of my personal favorites is that we will have a fat burning pill that turns unwanted calories into heat. (There’s a pill for everything!)

I know that a lot of you have spent the beginning of the New Year setting goals and expectations for the future. I’m a BIG fan of setting and measuring goals, but that’s not why I’m writing today. Looking back is important as well but that’s not what this post is about either. Today, I want to you to put into perspective how brief our lives and our time on this earth is. My question to you is, “what is the legacy you will leave when you are gone?” Have you thought about what it will be like in 2087 when your great grandchildren are trying to figure out their own path in life? If only if they could have some answers to look back upon. Just as I’m writing to you today, I challenge you to do the same in your life. Start a life journal or blog that will inventory your dreams, ideas, struggles and victories. Not only for you to read, but to pass down to your future generations.

I love history. Although I’ve been studying business strategy since I was a child, history is my second passion. I love to study and learn from it. To learn from past successes and failures of others before me. The questions we have today about life, business, and happiness are the same questions our ancestors had 100 years ago. The basics haven’t changed. Make it a point to journal in 2017 and find someone to teach and mentor and this will be your best year yet. Find your passion, follow your vision, and stay focused.

To your success!



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