The Revenue Ball

A few weeks ago I was in a meeting with the COO of our organization and one of our newest sales team members. We were discussing our second quarter strategy and he was telling the young man that just joined our company that one of his responsibilities was to keep me and our sales team focused on the “revenue ball”. edited to make it your own.



This week I’ve been taking some time off to spend with my family in the mountains of northeast Alabama. It’s been refreshing to get out of the daily grind and spend some time with my girls (wife Brittni and daughter who just turned 8 Mallory). edited to make it your own.

Passion and Practice

I found myself on about the 10th row in the center of dance mom central last week. My daughter has taken up and, believe it or not, quite good at dance. I’m only saying that because I can’t dance to save my life but she seems to love it. edited to make it your own.